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Svetlana Atanasova

Director of the festival
      Dear friends and visitors,
    Welcome to the site of the Seventh International Children’s English Festival” in Bulgaria “The World in children’s Hands”. The festival is the place, where people can enjoy and understand themselves regardless their cultural and national differences. It is a great opportunity to share our passion for English learning and teaching, to develop and improve student’s English language skills.
   It is a powerful stimulus to children to express their talent and creativity. The festival is an event in support of beauty, tolerance and friendship. It is a symbol of love, unity, harmony and inspiration. I feel encouraged because I am sure that all of us have a lot in common, I hope that our efforts, hard work, enthusiasm, ideas, energy and emotions will develop the festival and help for its growth. I warmly send a message of thankfulness to everyone who participated in the event!
   Dear teachers and students! I would like to invite you to take part in the festival and if you are still wondering about whether this event is something you should attend, then you should know that it is an unforgettable and wonderful festival, full of joy, laughter and exciting experiments. You will be treated well during your stay. Upon your arrival in Balchik you will not receive the impersonal, usual tourist industry event.
   The festival organizers will make you feel at home with their warm demeanour. You will be the dearest ,the most important and valued guests. I do believe all the participants will truly understand that the world and justice are in children’s hands. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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