Comments on the festival  

Comments on the festival Everyone enjoyed the festival, the location and the excursions.

Irina Ishkhneli, teacher of English, secondary school 1738, Moscow: “Looking back at our fortnight stay in Balchik I would like to state that it was splendid and unforgettable. I am grateful to Alyona Gromushkina, editor-in-chief of magazine “English”, who introduced me to Svetlana Atanasova during one of MELTA (Moscow English Teachers Association) festivals. I found a like-minded person in Svetlana, an educator with the same approaches to teaching English. We both motivate students through acting, reciting and singing. But moreover, Svetlana has a distinguished talent of event planner. And her festival is a real event! She was able to organize competitions, activities and bring together people of shared values. Thank you, Svetlana, for your wonderful festival! In my comments, I also thank the members of the jury for their unbiased judging and give my best regards to all the participants of the competitions. You were great on the stage!”
Ivan Mulenkov, a 7-year student, school 1738, Moscow: “It was really exciting to watch different theatre groups. Some of them were real professionals like “Step by Step” and “Nadezhda”. Others were amateurs. But all of them were fascinated by the greatness of dramatic art and the English language. The performances were marked by creativity. As for me, I was awarded and got a totally positive experience. Besides, I had a great beach holiday and made friends with nice Bulgarian girls”. (Ivan Mulenkov in the centre of the photo)
Aloyna Egorova, a 7-year student, school 1738, Moscow:“We were quite nervous before our first appearance on the stage of international competitions. But we did our best to make this acting successful. As a result, we won 2nd place in the nomination “Theatrical Performance”, which was a big achievement for us. Bulgaria is a cool place! It will be always remembered due to its hospitable people and wonderful sea. By the way, I asked my teachers and parents to organize another trip to Bulgaria next year. I will work hard during this school year to make my dream come true”. (Alyona Egorova on the beach in Balchik)
Marianna Maksimova, a 7-year student, school 1738, Moscow:“All the groups that took part in the festival competitions had a chance to show their creative approach to the chosen material and their knowledge of English. Grand prizes were given to the best groups. The jury’s decision was fair. The winners spend a lot of time on the stage to prepare for the performances. It was really useful to watch how other teenagers perform and interact. Attitude towards acting should be serious – it’s real work. I also want to thank Svetla for her kindness. In Balchik, I could see only friendly people!” (Marianna Maksimova before her singing competition)
Svetlana Maksimova, a parent and organizer of the trip to Balchik:“I wish to express my real appreciation to the director of the international festival Svetla Atanasova. Her efforts made us feel comfortable during our stay in Balchik. I was able get a lot of information about Bulgaria due to excursions. They were educational and full of fun. I was happy to learn about other theatrical groups from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Izhevsk, and Balchik. Participants and group leaders from “Step by Step”(Moscow), “Nadezhda” (Moscow), “Blue Skies” (Balchik) and “Hot Ice” (Izhevsk) were so skillful and cheerful! The members of our group “Lighthouse” (Moscow, school 1738) and I have become fans of such stars of the festival as Lev Blyumin (Moscow), Sergei Kolesnikov (Nelidovo), Alexander Tanev (Balchik), and Alina Sharypova (Izhevsk). I wish all the children good luck in the future competitions! I wish the festival to be the hit if the events! (Svetlana Maksimova during one of the trips around Bulgaria)

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      Alexandra Fomichova, stated:
”I like the excursions to botanical garden, as it was like a postcard visiting there every time. The sea in Bulgaria is blue, green and so warm.” Irina Bovina and Elena Voynova, the group leaders from the Moscow city centre ”Culture and Education” replied: ”It was a holiday! The bright inauguration and closing ceremonies turned into unforgettable experiences. The festival was full of emotions and wonderful performances.

      Bulgaria, and the festival were a dramatic play during our experience, where the main characters were friendship, creativity and helpfulness. Indeed, the festival was a serious experience for the students participating. Children always want to be winners, but the festival director and the jury’s wise leadership created a caring, compassionate, and competitive atmosphere. The older participants were amazing in taking care of the younger ones, who admired the way their older role models acted both on and off the stage.

      All of the students had the opportunity to watch other groups’s performances. In total, the children watched twelve plays in English, listened to twenty-five poems, and listened to twenty-six songs. Foreigners discovered a remarkable country with a beautiful coastline called Bulgaria. They enjoyed the sun, the sea, the “Bivaka” picnic with Bulgarian meals, music and the unique dance on glowing embers, trips to Varna and Dobrich, excursions to Kaliakra cape, sailing on the “pirate” boat made the festival atmosphere unforgettable. All the participants and members of jury spoke highly about the director Svetlana Atanasova.

      Natalia Timofeeva, the member of the jury said:
”Svetlana Atanasova is he soul of the festival. She succeeded to organize and lead the event at high level and take care of each of us.”

      You should read the comments from Nastya Naumova
, a winner in the Vocalist category and a student from the centre of Children Education in Moscow. Naumova stated: ”I have participated in the festival for two years. From the first sight there were not any essential changes – the same town, the same hotel, and the same concert halls. But, the percent of successful participants has increased this year. And, of course, the rivalry and competition had their room in the event. Although all the participants wanted to have the greatest marks, or to be the most memorable actor or singer among the participants, this did not make them real rival. Rather, they were extremely dedicated and demonstrated their talent and abilities.”

      Irina Burmistrova –a group leader from Lefortovo, Moscow shared: ”Svetlana Atanasova, the festival organizer, did her best to give the most interesting excursions, allow us to use the biggest swimming pool, found a professional, careful doctor ,and collected a very professional international jury.”

     „In our school – “Hristo Botev” secondary school in Rakovski, Bulgaria, we have a theatre group, which organizes theatrical performances both in English and in Bulgarian. We usually play in school concerts or town festivals. So – we were very happy to take part in the festival “The world in children’s hands” in Balchik, where we had the chance to perform on international scene. The 7 days there flew so fast, because everything was perfect – the organization, the attitude of the director Svetlana Atanasova, the opportunities for contacts with people, who value teaching English through drama as much as we do.
These 7 days turned out to be the source of a year long memories of the gorgeous time we had there. All the kids are impatiently looking forward to the next festival, which we do hope will take place in 2011.” Milena Lessova and Monika Kossova - group leaders of the “English Language Hunters” from Rakovski, Bulgaria.



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