Highly qualified, experienced, intelligent-these epithets are not sufficient enough to describe the personalities of the members of our jury. All of them are creative , talented and ready to help the participants with good ideas and some useful advice. They always work with all their heart and judge fairly and their opinions and assessments are professional and impartial. Judges’ kindness and thoughtfulness encourage participants to do their best on the stage and to perform dedicatedly.

  • Zdravka Bancheva
  •   Elena Suhachova 
  •      Mila Mavrova     
  •  Natalia Timofeeva 
Zdravka Bancheva EFL teacher and lecturer in “Business Communications and Negotiation” in English and “Event Management” in English Actress in the amateur theatre of Culture house “Paisii Hilendarski” Balchik, Bulgaria, laureate of gold and silver medals from national and international theatre festivals in Bulgaria, Denmark, India and Japan. Certified amateur theatre director. “I adore life as the greatest work of art God has created. I admire everybody creating with his inspiration, love and commitment.”

Elena Suhachova is a highly qualified professor of English and English literature at Lomonosov Moscow university. Mrs Suhachova is an author of many articles about English language issues. She has been a chairwoman of Moscow Children’s festivals.

Mila Mavrova is a professor of operatic, pop and jazz singing at ”Коnstantin Preslavsky” Shumen university, an experienced and qualified teacher of pop and jazz singing at “Dobry Hristov’ national art school in Varna. Mrs Mavrova has great achievements in her professional career. Her students are winners in many festivals, including a competiton in Hollywood.
Natalia Timofeeva is an actress of honour of Russia, a member of Russian Theatre actors’ organization, a member of writers’ unity, a director of Moscow Children’s musical theatre ”Expromt”. Mrs Timofeeva is a manager of methodical activities of art and culture schools of Moscow department. She has been a member in juries of various festivals, an author of many projects. Natalia Timofeeva has derected a lot of spectacles.

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